REGGIO EMILIA TAV (Reggio Emilia, Italy)
Feasibility study for the evaluation of the overpressures induced on the adjacent structures by a running train
Year: 2006
Location: Reggio Emilia – Italy

Along high-speed railway lines problems can occur due to the pressure fluctuation induced on the adjacent structures by a running train. The main interest was that to evaluate the pressures produced by a running train on the noise barriers and on the train station roof, realized in steel and glass.

The structure of the station is made of 13 steel frames modules, repeated for a total length of 400 m. The steel frames are spaced 1 m apart and between them there are glass walls.

Scaled model 1:50: the pressure taps are located in the same position as in the real case and are connected to a Setra System 239 transducer
(± 6 mm H2O).

It is possible to see as the passage of the train generates a small overpressure followed by a suction. However, the entity of the variation is comparable to the sensitivity of the pressure transducer.

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