Lasers-accelerometers and force balance devices

Displacements on dynamic rigs (such as elastically restrained bridge decks rigid sectional models) are measured by means of laser displacement, while accelerations (e.g. aeroelastic models) can be measured by using miniaturized accelerometers.

Often, study cases commissioned by private enterprises promote research activities too, highlighting technical issues which have to be solved, or at least approached, starting with the reference scientific literature. Such an interaction between professional practice and Academia represents the very added value of CRIACIV with respect to other private consulting in the field.

Consulting work in which only displacements measurements were carried out

Full-aeroelastic model in which time histories of reference points at different heights were obtained by integrating accelerometric signals

Set-up for measuring flutter-induced large displacements and rotations employing laser transducers and accelerometers



Forces on models are measured by using aerodynamic balances positioned in the rigs purposely deigned. These devices have been used for the measurement of Drag and Lift Forces and Torsional moment on sectional models of the decks of long-span bridges. The joint use of several other measurement techniques (such as pressure measurements and flow visualizations) allow to completely describe the static and dynamic behavior of the bridge and the correlation with the main flow characteristics.

An example of aerodynamic forces measurements set-up currently employed (together with other ones) at CRIACIV for consulting or research activities


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