RIO HIGUAMO (Domenican Republic)

RIO HIGUAMO BRIDGE (San Pedro De Marcoris Domenican Republic)
Aeroelastic response and full-scale identification
Year: 2001,2006
Client: Studio De Miranda
Location: San Pedro De Marcoris (Domenican Republic)

Designed by De Miranda Associates (namely Ing. Mario De Miranda) is a beautiful example of cable-stayed bridge. Built on the Rio Higuamo in the early 2000s, wind tunnel experimental campaign was commissioned for the evaluation of the aerodynamic (static measures) and aeroelastic performances of the bridge deck, which basically an elongated rectangle with high side ratio equipped with fairings to improve the aerodynamic performance. Different fairing geometries were tested in order to optimize the deck aerodynamics.

The bridge deck is also reinforced, in order to have an higher torsional stiffness keeping low the linear density, by means of 2D truss (type “Warren”), which were replicated under the sectional model.

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