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A collection of structures investigated throughout the years, proving our knowledge and experience in wind tunnel testing (and not only…).

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We were born as a researchers association and that’s your warranty about the up-to-date expertise you need for more than 20 years.

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Read something on our organizational structure and Lab Staff: we are the right team to make the right work in the right time.

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They’re talking about us
Mention in the most important Italian Economic magazineThe CRIACIV Wind Tunnel laboratory is confirmed as one...
STEELWAR European Project
STEELWAR European ProjectWind tunnel tests on automated rack supported warehouses Automated rack supported warehouses (ARSW) are...
OPTIMIZATION OF VERTICAL-AXIS-WIND-TURBINESFocusing in turbulent environments Research activity duration: 2016 - now Involved facilities: some Wind...
ART 2019 – Summer School on Turbomachinery (DIEF@UniFi)
ART 2019 Summer SchoolAdvanced Research in Turbomachinery The final program of the 3rd edition of the...
Aeolus4Future ESR
Aeolus4Future ESR at University of FlorenceVideo
CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference
CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference The University of Florence has taken place at the "Middle East CTBUH...
CTBUH 2017 Student Award
CTBUH 2017 Student Research CompetitionOur brand new PhD have been recently Awarded We are very proud...
MAINTENANCE WORKSThe wind-tunnel has been cleaned up and restored and…there was light ! Maintenance work have...